Your Local Pantry is a membership-based scheme

For a small weekly membership starting at £3.50, members can select at least 10 items from a wide selection of groceries.

Understanding the social impact of Pantries

The figures below show you some of the impacts that Your Local Pantry has had.

£ 1000

saved each year

by a household visiting the Pantry each week



benefiting from Pantry membership in nearly 13,000 households

97 %

of members

say joining a Pantry has improved their household finances

83 %

of members

say membership has been good for their mental health and 68% say it has been good for their physical health

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... because the cost of the fuel prices have increased ... we just haven’t been able to save. We’re just lucky that we’ve got this. It provides me with a sense of security, knowing that we have the food to eat and we don’t have to worry about finding a large amount of money to do family shops.

Lucy, member of Hope Pantry
Merthyr Tydfil