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Why we set up Yardley Wood Pantry

Posted 06 June 2019

Yardley Wood Pantry is building up for a launch in October 2019. The Pantry will be based at Yardley Wood Baptist Church and will be run in collaboration with people in the local community and other local organisations. A local Pantry planning group has been formed and is currently liaising with local people and groups and inviting them to be involved through donating food and volunteering to help with the running of the Pantry shop.

Why? The need is evident…

According to government statistics produced in 2015, Birmingham ranks sixth (worst) on the list of the 20 local authority districts with the highest proportion of their neighbourhoods in the most deprived 10 per cent of neighbourhoods nationally on the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2015.

Neighbouring Yardley Wood is Billesley Ward, which suffers from high levels of deprivation with 38% of the population living in the 10% most deprived in England.

From observations over the years of running a foodbank at Yardley Wood Baptist Church, local people are regularly assisted that are experiencing ‘in-work poverty’ – people who are working, often on zero hours contracts, or simply are receiving a wage so low that they struggle to meet the basic cost of living. Yardley Wood Pantry will be able to support households in this position.

As well as addressing needs, we are also aiming to use the Pantry as a way of bringing people in the local community together and encouraging more of the good things that happen in this neighbourhood.

We are exploring other projects/activities to link with our Pantry that will also benefit Pantry members. These include:

• Creation of a hospitality/café-style area next to the Pantry

• Providing Money Advice: accessing benefits, budgeting advice

• Starting a weekly Job Club project for Pantry members wishing to improve their employment and financial security situations

• Creation of a Parent/toddler group

• Food and activities for children during school holidays

These potential activities will all be explored and taken forward through liaison with Pantry members. We are also currently liaising with potential Pantry members about opening times and membership fees, these will be updated to you as the Pantry opens.

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