Welcome to Narthex St John's Pantry!

Narthex opened St John's Your Local Pantry in April 2024, as part of their commitment to support families to budget and have access to low-cost food in a planned way. One of the aims is to reduce the incidence of families reaching crisis-point when they have to seek support from a food bank.

In addition, Narthex St John's Pantry provides opportunities for volunteering and work experience to gain valuable skills. This Your Local Pantry at St Johns Road is ideally situated off the main Stratford road.

For a small weekly subscription of £5, members of this Pantry will be able to purchase a weekly food shop including fresh fruit and vegetables and family favourites to stock up the cupboard and fridge.

Opening times:

  • Monday: 11:00am to 2.30pm

The address is:

St John's Church,
St Johns Rd,
B11 4RG

If you have any queries, please call 0121 753 1959 or email [email protected]