Just before Christmas, one of our Your Local Pantry (YLP) Coordinators reflected on her learning from the pandemic.

The article was published by the Yorkshire Post, a newspaper since 1754.

It encapsulates the shared values of YLP - dignity, choice and hope.

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The Leeds pantry supporting families in this pandemic as Omicron overshadows Christmas – Vanessa Brown


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The pandemic has uniquely highlighted what we should never forget that we can all fall on hard times. One redundancy, one bereavement, one period of ill health, one spiteful landlord – that’s all it can take before any of us is picking up the phone or scouring the internet to find out what to do when we can’t pay an electric bill or put a decent meal in front of our children. For people without the huge advantage of a good support network and credit rating, the peril is even greater.

Vanessa Brown - Interact Pantry