New research shows Local Pantries save members £21 a week and improve health and wellbeing!

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Page updated 18th July 2023

Members of one of the UK’s largest networks of community food Pantries are saving £21 a week on shopping and enjoying significantly improved health and well-being, new research reveals.

Your Local Pantry’s So Much More! report is published today, on the same day as the network’s 100th Pantry opens, at Aylesham in Kent.

The report involved extensive research into the impact of Local Pantries on individual members and neighbourhoods. It finds that:

  • There are now more than 35,000 people benefiting from Pantry membership in nearly 13,000 households. [See footnotes for regional figures]
  • Pantry members typically save £21 a week when they visit, meaning a potential saving of more than £1,000 a year. 
  • There were 226,000 Pantry visits UK-wide last year, saving members a total of £4.75m.
  • Most Pantry members report improved household finances, better physical and mental health, new friendships and a strengthened community connection.
  • All Pantries serve as stepping stones to additional local support, or provide it themselves.
  • There are now around 2,000 volunteers across the Pantry network.

If Your Local Pantry had 100 members...


would say

being a member has improved household finances


would say

tackling food waste is important to them


would feel

more connected to their local community through the Pantry


would say

being a member has improved their physical health


would say

being a member has been good for their mental health


would have

made new friends


would say

they are eating less processed foods


would say

they now eat more fresh fruit and vegetables


would be

volunteering at the Pantry

Your Local Pantry So Much More 2023

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Since we joined we can afford more for our children, e.g. better school shoes, ice-cream for a treat, occasionally.

Kingston Pantry
BBM 1997 0065

.. because the cost of the fuel prices have increased ... we just haven’t been able to save. We’re just lucky that we’ve got this. It provides me with a sense of security, knowing that we have the food to eat and we don’t have to worry about finding a large amount of money to do family shops.

Member of Hope Pantry, Merthyr Tydfil