Welcome to Salisbury Pantry!

Your Salisbury Pantry grew from a food support project launched during the Pandemic in 2020, originally running out of Salisbury City Council’s Community Centres. Your Salisbury Pantry was set up to provide affordable and nutritious food to local residents.

Membership is open to any residents from the Salisbury City Parish area who are struggling to pay bills.

For a weekly membership of £5.00, members will be able to choose from a selection of food with the average value of £20-£25 to help you top up your weekly shop.

In general we stock a variety of food including fresh fruit and vegetables, store cupboard favourites, bread and some fridge & freezer products. What we have varies from week to week depending on availability.

You can find the pantry at:

59 Catherine Street

Opening times:

Tuesday: 10am - 3pm


If you have any problems or have any questions, then please email us [email protected]