The Your Local Pantry model is built upon partnerships that help the franchise thrive throughout the UK.

SKylight (Part of Stockport Homes Group) first developed the Your Local Pantry model and now in 2022, the franchise is run via a partnership between SKylight and Church Action on Poverty.

However, this isn’t the only partnership that is key to Your Local Pantry’s success. FareShare - the UK's national network of charitable food redistributors – helps provide food to many of the Your Local Pantry outlets throughout the UK.

In September 2022, the Co-op and Your Local Pantry launched major partnership to support communities in cost of living crisis. The partnership, which is funded by Co-op Members, will see the Your Local Pantry network triple within three years from 75 to 225 pantries across the UK, with the addition of 150 new pantries, creating almost 650,000 visits by July 2025. The partnership will focus on communities where additional food solutions will make a significant difference to the cost of living.

Many Housing Associations, Charities, Religious Institutions & Private Companies have partnered with Your Local Pantry to help with its growth. If you are interested in doing this, please email [email protected] and a member of the team would love the opportunity to talk with you.

On a local level, many Pantry franchisees rely on partnerships with local companies and food providers for donations. If you would like to partner with a Your Local Pantry close to you, please contact them directly. Find the closest Pantry to your business by using the postcode search below.

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