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Esther Addley is senior news writer at the Guardian visited the Portsmouth North End Pantry. She chatted to Jo Green, the Co-Manager of the Pantry:

The difference is that there’s a stigma with food banks, The beautiful thing about pantries is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re here because you want to help reduce food waste, or you need help with your food shop. We’re open to everybody.

Jo Green, the Co-Manager
North End Pantry, Portsmouth

Esther also spoke to our Network Development Coordinator:

I think we’re not doing as much as we can to support people who are vulnerable in our society. Increasingly, we’re seeing a change in our membership, more people are being drawn into vulnerability. I really believe that people in our communities do have the answers, but they’re just not being listened to.

James Henderson
Your Local Pantry Network Development Coordinator