Congratulations on the fantastic effort in The Big Give Christmas Challenge this year!

Thank you to everyone for getting involved. And, a huge thank you, to our Your Local Pantry network support team for pulling together all the resources to fundraise with during the week and following up with pledgers and The Big Give.

It makes a huge difference when pitching in as a network to help one another. We’re only in our second year but we raised over £4000 more than last year.

We're pleased to say we have now received the full amount (excluding gift aid) which we will be passing on to all the Pantry's involved:

  1. Greenhouse Pantry - Edinburgh
  2. Interact Pantry – Leeds
  3. St George’s Pantry – Liverpool
  4. St Andrew’s Pantry – Liverpool
  5. Holy Trinity Pantry – Liverpool
  6. All Saints Kensington Pantry – Liverpool
  7. YKids Pantry Bootle – Liverpool
  8. Millennium Mobile Pantry – Liverpool
  9. Nugent Pantry – Liverpool
  10. Kensington Fields Pantry - Liverpool
  11. ASK Pantry – Liverpool
  12. Vauxhall Pantry - Liverpool
  13. FaB Foundry Pantry – Birmingham
  14. Quinton Pantry - Birmingham
  15. Peabody Pantry - London
  16. St Luke’s Pantry - London
  17. Peckham Pantry - London
  18. Woodley Pantry - Stockport
  19. Penny Lane Pantry - Stockport
  20. Brinnington Pantry - Stockport
  21. Pantry at Number 5 - Stockport
  22. Mottram Street Pantry - Stockport
  23. Dusty Forge Pantry - Cardiff
  24. Hope Pantry - Merthyr Tydfil


Thank You Image

We really appreciate your support!

Helping people have hope, that’s what the Pantry is about - helping people have hope, dignity and choice. Even if you don’t have anything else, if you have those, you can survive.

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